About Zanshin

We started Zanshin Capital Management to build and protect the wealth of busy professionals. Our goal remains to our investors and the local community.

Zanshin seeks to deliver superior risk adjusted returns through a dynamic portfolio of algorithmic strategies trading the cryptocurrency markets.

Our strategy is to invest on the long side in a portfolio of emerging tokens with individual market caps less then $150mm at time of purchase during years that are in the favorable timeframe of the cryptocurrency/ Fed liquidity cycle.

We continue to seek out new opportunities and innovative investment strategies to help our clients achieve their financial goals and secure their financial futures. 


We are committed to empowering high-net-worth investors to grow a portion of their capital by investing in the cryptocurrency markets through a seasoned manager.

We believe that by leveraging the expertise and resources of our team, we can identify ideal crypto projects early to generate positive investment returns, create value, and mitigate long term risk.

Our objective is to outperform buying and holding BTC/ETH by as much as possible while minimizing risk and drawdowns. We do this by only being invested on the long side during optimal seasonality of the 4 year cycle, selecting strong fundamental tokens that are moving from sideways consolidations into uptrends, and rebalancing our portfolio to catch the next projects early in their lifecycle where the risk to reward ratio is most optimal.


Alan Schill

Alan is the founder of Zanshin Capital Management. He is our principal manager and trader.

Alan spent most of his career developing algorithmic and quantitative models for trading financial markets, emphasizing futures markets and commodities. Alan formerly founded and operated a registered commodity trading advisor firm for four years before leaving to manage his own money and continue to evolve his trading strategies.

Alan expanded into crypto in late 2016 and immediately began leveraging his technical background to gain an unfair advantage in the evolving crypto markets. Alan is also actively involved in angel and venture investing.