Zanshin was formed with the mission to help qualified investors invest indirectly in cryptocurrencies (“Crypto”) through a trusted partner and experienced trader to achieve their financial objectives. By leveraging the trading expertise and experience of our Manager, we plan to generate above-market returns for our investors through proprietary trading strategies in the Cryptocurrency markets.

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Are you looking to maximize your investment potential in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies?

Our Zanshin Capital Managment offers you a unique opportunity to participate in this exciting and rapidly growing market. We are engaged in the trading of crypto through direct acquisitions and the trading of crypto futures.

We are offering you the opportunity to participate with us in this highly lucrative business.

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Our primary goal is to offer a superior investment strategy than simply buying and holding Bitcoin and Ethereum, ensuring maximum profitability with minimized risk and downturns.

We leverage the favorable seasonality within the business and liquidity cycles paired with the 4 year crypto cycle, staying committed to long-term investments during these advantageous periods.

Our strategy revolves around identifying fundamentally robust digital tokens that are transitioning from a period of stability into an upswing.

This allows us to consistently rebalance our portfolio, capturing the full potential of budding projects during their nascent stages when the risk-reward balance is at its peak.

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All investments will be facilitated through our managed, Zanshin Capital Managment, and are exclusively reserved for Accredited Investors* and suitability standards apply.

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